Q) Are all air conditioning units the same?
A) No not all air conditioning units are the same there are many different types ie inverter non inverter ducted etc.

Q) How many air conditioning suppliers are there in SA?
A) There are many air-conditioning suppliers throughout South Africa and the world.

Q) Which air conditioners are better than others?
A) This would depend on personal preferences as many people will have a different view on each make.

Q) which air conditioning make is a good choice.
A) It would be best to choose an air conditioning make that is well-known in the industry.

Q) Do I need to check which air conditioning installation company I should use?
A) Most air conditioning companies have certifications received from air conditioning suppliers but making sure is always a good idea.

Q) Can anyone install an air conditioner?
A) While there are lot of people that would prefer to install their air con units themselves it is however preferable to have a professional company do the installation for warranty purposes.

Q) How will I know which air-conditioning to choose?
A) All professional air conditioning company will assist you in choosing the correct air conditioner for your needs and space available.